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The Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association is headed to Maryland!

Ladies of the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association – High Point, NC at our 2016 conference

If you’ve ever thought of joining the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association, now is the time!  Plans are in the works for a spring 2017 conference in Maryland which will offer training on a wide variety of topics applicable to all programs.  Whether you’re new to Crime Stoppers or have been involved for years, you can be sure to gain a wealth of knowledge being a part of the Southeastern “family.” Contact Board members for more information!

Betty Jean Turner – betty@secrimestoppers.org Trish Routte – trish@secrimestoppers.org Zel Windsor – zel@secrimestoppers.org Ross Forster – ross@secrimestoppers.org We look forward to seeing you in 2017!


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Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association shared MADD Southwest Florida's photo.

This is a message that everyone needs to hear... and remember not only during this holiday season, but throughout the year.

#Tribute #Tuesday Today, we remember Joshua Mote and his family. His sister, Malaina, works in our office. On February 12, 2012 life, as I knew it, changed forever. On that day, I felt what it’s like to have everything taken from me. That very evening I lost my best friend. I woke up from a nap to a quiet house and my body panicked. I searched, called and yelled only to return home alone and lost. ow.ly/H0Pe306CDpc

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the students and faculty at OSU. ...

If you've seen him anywhere from Virginia to South Florida, let us know! 1-888-LOCK-U-UP ...

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Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association shared Police Lives Matter's photo. ...

There has been officer shootings all week. One officer has passed yesterday. When I saw this officer walk into Einstein Bagels. I clearly saw how heartbroken he was. How tired and sad he was. It broke my heart. I bought his order. He was buying sandwiches for a couple officers so I helped a few more. When he saw I bought his order he smiled and said thank you, I thanked him for his service and he said "its been a rough week" I'm not posting for kudos. I challenge you all, if you see a officer.. Thank them, buy them their soda or maybe their lunch. They are human too. Its time to #loveup #stoptheviolence #repost Show support for officers by getting your #loveup Credits. Lisa McGee

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